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How to Buy Moringa

In the last few years, Moringa oleifera has quickly transitioned from being relatively unknown among people in the Western Hemisphere to an increasingly well-known and widely appreciated plant species. It’s many health benefits and its practical importance for developing economies have brought it to the attention of health-minded and globally conscious people around the world.

An Excellent Source of Nutrition

With Moringa’s growing popularity has come an increased demand for the product in powdered leaf form, oil, or as seeds. To meet this growing demand, Moringa is now being cultivated in larger amounts in countries across Asia and Africa.

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In these countries, people can buy Moringa at their local or regional markets, and in particular, Moringa leaves are generally readily available, as they are an essential source of nutrition for the entire family. Fresh leaves are picked and grouped into bundles for people to purchase, and they often form a staple of their diet.

Additionally, the leaves are also used for a variety of other purposes, most notably for use in herbal teas and as medicinal remedies.

Another reason to buy Moringa leaves lies in the livestock industry. Because Moringa oleifera is densely packed with naturally occurring plant protein, it is an ideal protein source for cows, pigs, and other livestock. Farmers often buy it as a forage supplement for their livestock to provide them with protein, vitamins, and minerals, and it is also easy to change livestock’s protein intake, by adding or subtracting ita in the animal’s diet.


Most people will purchase Moringa in leaf, powder or capsule form, or as seeds, over the Internet, where a number of distribution companies have set themselves up as Moringa suppliers. Before you leap in and make a purchase, ensure the product you purchase is of the highest quality, and not mixed with any additives and fillers. At Moringa Source, we guarantee Moringa of the purest quality, and that it is sourced from eco-sustainable farming communities around the world.

Here are a few questions you may want to ask before making a purchase:

How is the Moringa grown, cleaned and processed? It is important that the Moringa is grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides as these chemicals will end up in the leaf.  Plants grown in this fashion are healthier, more potent, and their nutrients absorb more efficiently into the body. It is also important that it is dried at a temperature less than 114 deg F as this preserves all of the natural enzymes in the plant that are critical for the effective absorption of the nutrients present.  In the same way, the cleaning process should be such that it does not interfere with the nutritional potency of the plant.  Our Moringa is grown without chemicals, is cleaned using ozone water (a USDA-recommended and eco-friendly solution), and is dried at less than 114 deg F.

Are all products pure? Some of the Moringa sold on the market today is cut with cheaper fillers such as green teas and grasses. Be sure the Moringa you buy is fresh and pure. In addition, many encapsulation facilities add “flow agents” to assist in the encapsulation.  Make sure that your product is “unimproved”.

How does the supplier ensure quality?  The supplier must be intimately involved in the harvesting, cleaning, and production process to ensure the product is of a high standard.  Moringa Source chooses only those partners that can meet our rigorous quality control standards.  Our mantra is check, verify, test, and repeat.

For a further list of questions, please visit our FAQ page.