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Protect your Brain with Turmeric Tea

Protect your brain with Turmeric

Protect your brain every morning with Turmeric Tea.  

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Cacao Brownies for your Mom from Moringa Source

Baking for Mother's Day is easy with Moringa Source Cacao.  All you need is 3 ingredients and 30 minutes.  Show Mom some homemade love with Brownies on Sunday.

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Breaking the Blood Sugar Roller Coaster at Work with Nutrition

Everyone knows how low blood sugar & poor nutrition can create a feeling of blah brain fog.

Check out these easy tweaks to feel energized at work.



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Charcoal and Bentonite - A Brand New Detoxification Combo

Activated Charcoal + Bentonite Capsules by Natura Veda

Are you considering a detox or cleanse soon?  Feeling your GI tract is being weighed down by the modern toxic world?  Does your immunity need a boost? This month, we introduced a new detox product in the Natura Veda line - Activated Charcoal and Bentonite Capsules. Come learn more about the benefits of these two amazing compounds!

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Turmeric Thursday Recipe 

Here's an eye opening smoothie recipe to get started using Turmeric Powder in a drink and increase your Vitamin C at the same time.
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Summer Beauty using Moringa Oil

April is coming to an end and Summer weather will be upon us shortly.  With the longer sunnier days, and as the temperature rises, we find the use of Moringa increases.  Often we receive inquiries about uses of Moringa Oil in their personal care regimes.  

People find the oil which is full of beneficial acids can be your go-to beauty care secret weapon.   Our 100% cold pressed, natural Moringa Oil has lovely rich brown/green color.   Depending on the season the smell can range from a deep rustic overtone to a slightly sweet light scent.  

Read on for some of the personal care home remedies that our clients have shared.

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Find Out Which Oil Is Best For YOUR Hair!

Whether you struggle with unmanageable frizzy hair that's dry, or flat hair that has a bad habit of getting greasy easily, one thing is for certain: There's an oil to help! No matter what your hair problem is, you can get your locks to look their best (and grow, too!) with one of these all-natural oils.

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Top Tonight's Pasta Dinner With This Pesto-Moringa Sauce!

Mmmm...pesto. Who doesn't love it? While we must admit this cheesy, oily mixture is definitely not the healthiest of pasta sauces, it sure is delicious! But who's to say we can't try to make it a little healthier? (And make ourselves feel less guilty about it!)  We came up with a pesto recipe that includes some nutrient-dense Moringa powder, and we think you'll love it!

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Beat Your Seasonal Allergies The All-Natural Way!

As March unfolds, there's a lot to be happy about! Spring brings us longer hours of daylight, warmer weather, fresh green grass, and vibrant flowers to marvel at. But with this lively, beautiful change of season also comes something we all would rather avoid: Seasonal allergies.

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Uses & Benefits Of Our Different Moringa Oils!

Oil derived from the Moringa plant offers a multitude of benefits to our hair and skin - that's why we use it in our personal care oils, and also offer it in it's purest form! To help you get to know these products even further, and the proper ways to use them, we've decided to break them down for you!

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You've Got To Try This Recipe For Creamy Turmeric Dip!

This tangy dip recipe calls for zesty lemon juice and our fresh turmeric powder to give it a bite! It's great as a party appetizer or for healthy snacking - but no matter what your reason is for making it, it's sure to be enjoyed by everyone!
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6 Stove Top Aromatherapy Recipes That Will Have You Blowing Out Your Candles For Good

Using candles, air fresheners, and incense sticks in your home can certainly set a variety of moods; However, they emit toxic chemical ingredients into the air as you use them. Luckily, there are many all-natural remedies for filling your home with fragrance - one of them being a practice called stove top aromatherapy.

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