Two More Powerful Earthquakes in Ecuador This Week - Learn How You Can Help

Sustainable Healthcare in Ecuador Is A Reachable Goal

In April, we introduced a new blog series with our CEO Jim Fitzpatrick to explain the charitable efforts we are participating in after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Ecuador on April 16th.

On Wednesday May 18th, Ecuador experienced back to back 6.7 and 6.8 magnitude quakes. Fortunately, our team on the farm – and their families – stayed safe through these as well. Jim is once again at the farm for the week, which was planned before the earthquakes struck. He is now spending the rest of his trip ensuring that we get fresh water to the areas most impacted by the disaster.

To help not only with immediate recovery but also with long term aid for the country, Moringa Source has chosen to support Andean Health and Development, an organization dedicated to providing sustainable healthcare for many areas of rural Latin America since 1996. They have opened two hospitals in Ecuador since 2000, both serving areas with unmet demand for adequate healthcare.In the days and weeks after the earthquakes, they are certainly facing more demand than ever and can use any help you are able to provide.

Moringa Source Supports the Andean Health And Development Mission

Please help us in our mission to Do Good While Doing Well by clicking the link below to donate directly to Andean Health and Development. Your donation will assist in getting the necessary medical supplies they need to care for the population in Ecuador in these trying times.

Donate Now

You can learn more about Andean Health and Development at their website:

Learn More Here


Mark Maher


Moringa has many benefits. However, we are not doctors, and even if we were, we certainly couldn’t diagnose anything over the internet. We can only suggest that you visit your local healthcare provider when possible for assistance.

Mark Maher

I don’t have money to go to the hospital and run a test. I have body pain stomach disother and sore on my tong

Mark Maher

I want to know what help can moringa seed do my health if am sick

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