5 Gift Ideas For Any Family's Black Sheep

The "black sheep" - Almost every family has one. They're the person who is usually a little more difficult to shop for during Christmas time, whether it's because you don't know their personal interests well enough, or because, well..... they're just plain odd. But don't sweat it - We've got you covered. Below are 5 thoughtful gifts ideas that we think anyone would enjoy - "black sheep" or not!

1.) The Timeless Gift Card

Before you go saying, "Well that didn't take much thought..." think of the different ways you can present a gift card. It's not hard to inexpensively add a more personal touch to it. For example, maybe pair a gift card to the movies with a "snack bag" so the person has some treats to munch on during the film, or a gift card to a coffee shop with a quirky mug. For something like a gas gift card, pair it with a trio of scented air fresheners for the car. In the case of a gift card to a clothing store, maybe accompany it with an accessory such as a bracelet or some warm, fuzzy winter socks!

2.) Skincare

Body butter, body lotion, body wash, and lip balm are universal gifts that anyone could use and enjoy! Everyone loves to smell good, feel good, and look good! This one is a great idea especially while all of the Moringa Source skincare products are 25% off for Black Friday! (Now through Tuesday, 11/29/16 12PM EST). If you want to get a bit fancier, throw in some perfume or cologne.

3.) A Night In

Well, not literally - Think more along the lines of a relaxation-inducing candle, a soft throw blanket, a bag of calming tea, and some cozy slippers to top it off. Everyone appreciates a gift that can help them chill-out, unwind, and indulge in some self-care. If you really wanted to help them get their zen on, swap out the candle for some incense and a cute little incense holder! And for the tea? We recommend our soothing Ashwagandha.


4.) Think Gourmet

Whether it's an assortment of delicately hand-crafted chocolates from the chocolatier downtown, or a bottle of fancy-shmancy wine paired with a block of imported cheese - everyone loves a good gourmet treat. Place it in a basket and top it with a bow, and voila! A tasty gift that anyone would be happy to receive.

5.) Something From The Heart

Who doesn't appreciate a hand-made gift? Whether its a baked good made entirely from scratch, a framed painting of yours, or a scarf you took the time to knit - Handmade gifts will never be topped. Nothing says "I put thought into this" more than blood, sweat, and tears....well, try to avoid all of that..but you get the gist. :)



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