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Steak For Dinner? Don't Forget Moringa!

Closing time is here once again and you're hearing a familiar rumbling coming from your stomach. After a long day at the grind, cooking may not be the first thing you want to do, but Power Meals is proud to bring you easy to make, hearty meals to satisfy the beast inside of you!


Tonight's menu: Speedy Steaks

King of The Hill Meme - Well Done Steak


Steak can be a touchy subject for many since it can be cooked to perfection in a multitude of ways. But it's been a hard day at work, and we want the quickest, but still closest to perfect steak we can get.


The Steak:

The heart of this meal can come from your choice of steak. For shorter cooking time, look for thin sliced beef which usually come in multi packs of two or three steaks.


Place the steaks on a plate and season with your favorite toppings. A good way to even out flavors is to use the side you plan to place on the grill first as the place for meat tenderizer powders and spices, while the opposite side can be used for herbs. Doing so allows the tenderizer to sink into the raw meat and enhance internal flavor before the meat gets too tough to do so.


Recommended bottom side toppings:

Recommended top side toppings:

  • basil

  • oregano

  • parsley

  • onion powder


Propane or charcoal grills are normally the preferred method for cooking steak. Whichever method you choose, be sure not to raise the heat too high on the burners or use too much lighter fluid. While it may be tempting to jack up the temperature to speed up cooking time, you run the risk of cooking out a lot of tasty steak juice, which can wash away your herbs and spices as they drip off.


Cook for about 15 minutes, flipping the steaks every 3-5 minutes. Cutting one in half allows you to monitor how cooked the steaks are at any given moment. Grill enthusiasts usually recommend cooking to a medium-rare (warm, red center) or medium (warm, pink center) to preserve the meat's natural flavor.


Unfortunately, Mother Nature isn't always kind to grilling and you may need to cook the steak indoors.


Should this be the case, drizzle olive oil in a pan and let the pan sit on the stove until the oil begins to bubble. Drop the steaks in and follow the above cooking procedure keeping an eye on the internal color of the steak. Note that hot olive oil will spit from the pan; wearing oven gloves while flipping steaks is recommended.


The Sides:


No steak should go without a hearty side. Most of these items have cooking instructions listed on their packaging, but here are a few choice side dishes to compliment your steak. Salad and/or veggies should also be a part of the perfect steak dinner.


Sweet potato fries:


Healthier than regular fries and able to satisfy a craving for starches, sweet potato fries are usually cooked in the oven, allowing you to set the timer and focus on cooking your mighty steak as they bake.


Yellow rice (Spanish rice):


Available in microwave ready bags, or cooked on a stove top, yellow rice's blend of flavors are a perfect compliment to the seasonings on the steak. Just be sure to look for low sodium rices to prevent consuming too much salt in one meal.




Available in a variety of flavors, couscous is a filling, sodium conscious alternative to most other wheat and grain based foods.

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