Breaking the Blood Sugar Roller Coaster at Work with Nutrition

Did you notice lately that your coffee, sugar, and junk food consumption has been increasing? Feeling like you need a siesta in the afternoon just to make it through the day? 


You start your day with a cup (or two) of coffee and a doughnut, and you're good through lunch. Starving you pick up a fast food lunch.  You catch yourself feeling tired, or a headache coming on like a freight train in the afternoon.  3:00 pm you wind up reaching for soda, a coffee loaded with sugar, or a handful of cookies to get through your last few hours of a workday.

There are a few easy tweaks to your lifestyle and diet to even out the road of blood sugar spikes at work.

Supplement: Getting a full day of nutrition can be difficult if you're on the go. Adding Moringa to your daily diet can assure you have an additional boost of calcium, potassium, iron and protein.

Breakfast: Eating eggs or a slow carbohydrate is a great start.  Try Oatmeal and Quinoa which can keep you feeling full during the morning. Add a handful of berries to add additional nutrition.  Avoid the bagel if at all possible.

Smaller Nutrition Breaks: Have your healthy snacks planned out so you aren't caught in a pinch and reaching for the office snack tray.

  • Buy a big bag of nuts and put them into smaller snack bags for on the go nutrition. Other on the go snacks: Edamame or Trail Mix with dried fruit.  Grapes also work (keep them frozen for an extra special treat)

Light lunch: 

  • Build yourself a bento box of small taste treats for lunch.  
  • Substitute Romaine: The hearty leafs allow you to use them as bread for sandwiches.
  • Protein: You body will feel fuller longer and keep your muscles and brain cells fed.
  • Ancient Grains.  There are a number of interesting ancient grains hitting the market lately. Quinoa is one that is gluten free containing amino acids and minerals. Ferro is a nutty alternative.
  • Get creative with salad - mix fruit, legumes, lean meat and green leafy lettuce.  Mix in a fruit/veg from every color of the rainbow.  Go Nuts, oh yeah add seeds and nuts for extra nutrition.

Hydration: Don't forget you should consume water to create sustained energy. It is important to help flush toxins from your body, and increase your energy level. Your brain needs the water to keep the metabolic process going strong.  Aim for 1 oz for every 3 pounds of body weight.

Midday Smoothie: Use your Nutribullet™ or Ninja to whip up a tasty afternoon green smoothie.  Make the night before, put in the frigde before bed.  Just put in your lunchbox for an afternoon 3:00 pm snack.

  • Mix together spinach, lettuce, kale and sprouts along with mixed fruit of your choice.  (Red fruits & berries will eventually turn the smoothie purple) 1 Tbs of Moringa Powder, ½ tsp of Flax Oil and water. For an added bonus use some coconut water for added iron. Blend together until super smooth. Keep chilled until ready to drink.

Moving during the day: It's easy to get wrapped up and forget to leave your desk. For your health sake take a few minutes to move every hour.  At minimum walk during lunch. Use the stairs and walk every chance you get.  Find a walking buddy to keep you motivated.

Avoid excess during the week:  Alcohol can mess up your metabolic process, and cause you to feel tired and over eat.  You also won't get enough ZZZ's if you're drinking, so limit your alcohol consumption during the week, or eliminate if possible.

Sleeping:  Not that you can't burn the midnight oil, but burning the candle at both ends constantly causes changes to your metabolic process.  Aim for a minimum of 6-7 hours of sleep during the week, but 8 would be ideal.

Planning is the key to keeping your energy on track.  Love to hear some of your ideas for healthy living in a 9 to 5 office space.

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