How To: Spend An Evening At The Spa Without Leaving Home

The goal of a spa is to promote relaxation through each of our senses: Sight, Sound, Touch, and Smell (Taste as well, if you're planning on pairing your evening with a glass of red or white, that is!). Spas do this by focusing on balance and simplicity in their visual aesthetics, playing soothing sounds that calm the mind, incorporating massages and body oils, and by making use of aromatherapy. So, if you truly want to bring a spa experience into your own bathroom, it's important that you do the same! While this may seem like a tricky task at first, it is easier to accomplish than you'd think. That's why we're bringing you:


Dim The Lighting

This one is obvious: Nothing sends your mind wandering off into serenity like a dimly-lit atmosphere. Bright light has a stimulating effect on both the mind and body, so by turning off your fluorescent overhead lights and swapping them out for a collection of tealight candles or a dull nightlight, you can easily get the spa vibe going in your very own bathroom!


Make A Playlist That Helps You To Wind Down

Different music relaxes different people, so make a playlist of songs that you find calming! While everyone's personal music taste certainly differs from one another, one thing is for sure: The sounds of mother nature never fail to provide us with tranquility. There are a lot of playlists you can access for free on the internet that feature sounds of the forest, ocean waves, or even thunder and rain. Do a little searching, pick one out, bring your speaker into the bathroom, and viola - You have the perfect sounds to accompany your spa night-in.


Throw Your Towel In The Dryer While You Bathe

The warm towel you wrap yourself in at the spa has got to be one of the best parts of the total experience. You can easily bring that cozy, wrapped-up feeling to your at-home spa by throwing your towel or bathrobe in the dryer before you bathe. Allow it to tumble on low for the duration of your bath, and it'll be nice and toasty by the time you're ready to hop out and dry off.

Show Your Skin Some TLC!

Oil massages are essential to a night at the spa! Grab some of our Moringa Body Oil, and massage it into your skin once you step out of the tub. Our body oil works great for massages, as it smoothly glides onto the skin and penetrates the epidermis, delivering glowing, youthful results.


Use An Oil Diffuser Or Light Some Scented Candles

Aromatherapy is very effective in promoting relaxation and reducing stress, because scent has the ability to directly influence both our body and mind. By filling an oil diffuser with essential oils that are specifically known to soothe and calm, you can enhance your at-home spa experience tremendously. If you don't have a diffuser, just light a few scented candles. Not only will the smell relax you, but the dim light from the flame can serve as a relaxing element to your evening. We suggest choosing scents like lavender, chamomile, jasmine, rose, or vanilla, as they are all commonly used to reduce anxiety and lure a person into slumber.


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