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Moringa Source is an industry-leading USDA Organic supplement manufacturer offering the finest Moringa powder, tea, and capsules available on the market. In addition, Moringa Source manufactures hair and skin care products made with highly effective, anti-aging Moringa oil. All of the Moringa used in Moringa Source products is grown on the company’s farm in the tropical province of Guayas, Ecuador.

The company was founded in 2010 by Jim Fitzpatrick. As a father of two young sons, he was on a mission to provide the best nutrition for his family. While on vacation in South America, he came across the Moringa plant and learned of its health benefits from the local community.  After experiencing these benefits firsthand and witnessing the positive results in his family, Jim committed himself to bringing the phenomenal nutrition of Moringa to families in North America and beyond.

The Moringa tree has a history that dates back centuries within the medicinal practices of Africa and Asia. The people of those regions have long used Moringa for various health and skin care remedies. India’s ancient holistic tradition of Ayurveda holds that Moringa leaves prevent over 300 diseases. Long recognized for its nutrient-dense leaves and luxurious oil that can last years without turning rancid, Moringa is cherished for containing an abundance of vitamins which offer numerous benefits. Additionally, almost every part of the Moringa tree can be consumed. From the pods which resemble green beans, to the seeds which crunch when dried – your family can enjoy reaping the benefits of this plant in many different ways.

Moringa oleifera is nature’s whole-food complex, making it easy for your body to recognize, absorb, and assimilate. It is known as the “Tree of Life”, “The Miracle Tree”, and “Mother’s Best Friend”. Composed of essential amino acids, iron, zinc, fiber, calcium, proteins, and beneficial antioxidants, Moringa is truly a nutritional and energizing powerhouse.

All of our Moringa is grown on our virgin, USDA certified organic farm in Limoncito, Ecuador. Situated on the pacific coast of South America, it is located within the tropical province of Guayas; an area known for fertile, dark chocolate-colored soil, lush rainforests, exotic wildlife, and a consistent climate. Our farm currently provides jobs to over a dozen experienced, local workers. In an effort to give back to the people of Ecuador, we are proud to support the Andean Health and Development Organization. This organization provides quality medical care to rural, poverty-stricken families who wouldn’t otherwise have access to the health services they need.

Moringa Source is certified for both the production and the processing of Moringa. This includes the growing and harvesting of the plant, as well as the drying and packaging. As the largest exporter of Moringa, we ensure quality control over all of our Moringa products throughout the shipping process; from our farm in Ecuador, all the way to your family’s kitchen table.  Our Moringa is 100% natural – it is free of pesticides, herbicides, GMO’s, and chemical toxins. These organic practices are what make our Moringa the healthiest, most nutrient-dense whole food supplement on the market.

We practice responsible farming and ensure the highest quality Moringa by harvesting and weeding our Moringa by hand. Processing our Moringa this way guarantees that no stems or branches end up in our products as fillers or binders – setting us apart from our competitors in overall product quality.

Our 100% pure Moringa products are second to none in aroma, taste, nutritional value, and rich, green color. We strive to lead by example within our field by doing good while doing well. This means respecting both the people and planet in order to provide for a better tomorrow. We value quality, integrity, and honesty in providing people with a company and brand they can believe in and trust. Just as the Moringa tree has the ability to heal, comfort, protect, and inspire, we hold those same values when it comes to our people, products, and our environment.

Our passion for nature’s gift of health drives Moringa Source to be the premiere resource for Moringa products in not only the U.S., but far beyond. Moringa Source products are sold in over 40 countries, but our enthusiasm for health extends beyond the bottle.  We care about our loyal customers and are devoted to offering top customer service to anyone eager to join us in experiencing the wonders of Moringa.

Nature has given us the gift of Moringa to help sustain holistic health and wellness in our lives, so consider letting us share this amazing gift with you and your family, too!

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