Zeatin: Moringa's Age-Defying Plant Hormone

The Ingredient Behind Moringa's Miraculous Anti-Aging Effects

Two of the most well-known properties of Moringa are the plant's ability to grow very quickly in a short time frame, and the oil's ability to keep your skin youthful, glowing, and healthy. This is because Moringa contains something called Zeatin - which has both growth-promoting and anti-aging capabilities. In fact, Moringa is the lead source of Zeatin in the world - containing over a thousand times more Zeatin than many other plants.

What is Zeatin?

Zeatin is a naturally-occurring plant hormone which is known in the world of beauty for its ability to prolong youthfulness of the skin. It belongs to the plant-growth hormone family known as the Cytokins, which all share the ability to hinder the aging process.
Zeatin slows down the aging process within the body and improves cells' ability to respond to oxidative stress. It works by making sure cells undergo division before they become too large, and therefore, old. Because of this, the amount of fresh, young, newly-produced cells remains greater than the number of older, large cells. This results in a total rejuvenation of the skin, because younger, newer skin cells means better elasticity and less fine lines and wrinkles.

How Do We Know This?

A study on the youth-preserving effects of Zeatin conducted by the Department of Molecular Biology at the University of Aarhus, Denmark, proved that Zeatin does in fact delay the aging process of cells. They found that cells treated with Zeatin maintained their immature characteristics - shape, composition, protein balance, and genetic synthesis - longer than those not treated with Zeatin. They also found that Zeatin prevented the growth of cells before they became aged, reduced harmful residue within cells, and enhanced the cells' ability to combat oxidative stress, which can harm skin cells and cause aging.

Are There Any Side Effects to Zeatin?

Extensive research and studies have found that Zeatin does not pose any long-term toxic effects to skin cells or skin growth because it does not interfere with cells' genetic makeup. Rather, it work on a less-invasive level by decomposing toxins and filtering out free radicals, which damage cells and lead to premature aging.

Looking To Get Your Hands On Zeatin?

You're in luck - our entire Natura Veda Skincare line is made with Zeatin-packed Moringa oil. Using our 5-Step Skincare System will ensure that you get your daily dose of Zeatin in the morning with our Cleanser and Toner, in the afternoon with our Moisturizer or Eye Serum, and in the evening with our Night-Time Repair Cream.


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