Simple Ways To Be A More Environmentally-Friendly Eater

In today's world, where dangerous agricultural practices such as pesticide use are seen as a norm for many, the above quote stands true more than ever. Ultimately, the foods we choose to buy and eat have an impact not only on our health, but on the environment - So why not try and make environmentally-conscious food choices whenever possible? If we choose to be mindful in our consumption today, the earth will be a little better for all of us tomorrow. That's why we're bringing you:

Shop Local

Imported fruits and vegetables or produce grown on the opposite side of the country as you is obviously transported by trucks, ships, planes, and even trains that all require fossil fuels to run. By choosing to only eat locally-grown produce, you are helping to cut out these "middle men" - resulting in less gas pollution in the air.

Avoid Eating Ruminant Livestock

Ruminant livestock - beef, sheep, goats, and deer - are animals who have a four-compartment digestive tract. This unique characteristic is the reason behind their high amounts of methane and nitrous oxide emissions upon eating and digesting grass. This may sound humorous, or come off as an over-the-top solution to lowering pollution in the air, but when you look at statistics, it's actually quite serious. According to The UN Food and Agriculture Organization, livestock are responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. So next time you're shopping, skip out on the beef steaks and shoot for chicken breasts instead!

Go Organic!

Going organic is the easiest step you can take towards making our world a cleaner and greener place. By choosing to go organic, you are supporting farms who do not treat their land or produce with dangerous chemicals that end up in our air, soil, rivers, lakes, and streams. You're also supporting businesses who practice responsible farming that emits significantly less carbon into the air than non-organic factory farms.
According to The Rodale Institute - a nonprofit group that supports research and education on organic farming - if the world decided here on out to only practice organic farming, more than 40% of the world's annual greenhouse gas emissions would cease to exist.

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