Indulge Your Skin In Coconut Oil!

Whether you struggle with dry skin, acne-prone skin, or inflamed and irritated skin, coconut oil can help! Its soothing and moisturizing properties will have your skin looking radiant, youthful, and healthy - And it's light-weight, so it feels great!


Coconut Oil for Beautiful Skin

Coconut oil has a low molecular weight, meaning that it has the ability to penetrate the skin deeper than most moisturizers and oils. It contains saturated fats, which are medium-chain fatty acids, or triglycerides. When used as a lotion, these healthy fats work to retain moisture in the skin. Just one application will have your skin feeling silky-smooth!

There are 3 important acids within coconut oil - capric, caprylic, and lauric acid. These acids are microbials that prevent infection of the skin by keeping acne-causing bacteria from entering pores. Their powerful anti-fungal properties also help to combat a common fungal infection known as candida, which can go on to affect the entire body, not just the skin.

Vitamin E - one of coconut oil's most prized ingredients - keeps skin healthy and youthful in a multitude of ways. Vitamin E promotes healthy skin growth, repairs damaged skin cells, and prevents both cracking and wrinkling of the skin. This is because Vitamin E contains strong antioxidants that aid in soothing the skin and preventing premature aging. The anti-fungal and anti-viral powers of Vitamin E are a well-known treatment for irritating skin conditions such as eczema, sunburn, and psoriasis.

Specific proteins within coconut oil contribute to healthy cellular growth and deep tissue repair, making it a great solution for reducing acne scars and spots. Because it is an anti-inflammatory, coconut oil is also very effective in reducing the swelling, redness, and overall inflammation that stems from breakouts.

Additionally, ditching your usual body moisturizer and switching to organic, pure coconut oil as a lotion ensures that you're not putting any harmful chemicals or substances onto your skin, which then become absorbed into your body and pose threat to your health. Our skin is our body's biggest organ, so we must be sure to keep it out of harm's way and handle it with care!

Try Moringa Source's Organic, Pure Coconut Oil

Moringa Source's organic, virgin coconut oil is processed by centrifuging. This means that it has never been bleached or exposed to temperatures which break down the nutrients in the oil. The centrifuging process also allows our oil to retain its rich coconut aroma. With Moringa Source coconut oil, you can be confident that you have the purest, healthiest coconut oil available. Try it out and see for yourself why coconut oil is our skin's best friend!


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