Stay On Top Of Your Health in 2017 With These 10 Apps!

In today's world of technology, it's safe to say that your smartphone goes pretty much everywhere with you. This is why your smartphone is probably one of the most useful resources for helping you to keep your health on track!
There are so many smartphone apps out there that can supplement your nutrition or fitness journey. From helping you to make a workout plan and log calories, to tracking your progress and motivating you, the following 10 apps can all help you stay on top of your health in 2017.


This app is perfect for anyone looking to track their nutrition and workouts. It features a calorie counter with a food database that has more than 5 million options, so you can be sure that your calorie log is accurate each day! It also has a step counter, an exercise log so you can keep track of how much you've worked out each week, a barcode nutrition scanner, and it gives you the ability to import your own recipes so that you may track calories from meals you make from scratch. What could be better?

PEAR Personal Coach

Do you have the will to get to the gym, but need just a little push once you're already there? Then PEAR is for you! The cool thing about this app is that it gives you all of the verbal motivation you need to push through your workout. It includes hundreds of workouts to choose from, all of which are accompanied by an audio recording - from strenuous activities like weightlifting, to relaxing activities like yoga. Pick what type of workout you want to do, and there is a real audio recording from a famous health or fitness professional to talk you through it. Who knew it was so easy to have an Olympian help power you through your next workout?


Could your arms use some toning? Do you wish you had a flatter stomach, or more defined shoulders? Reach your body goal with Sworkit! Standing for "Simply Work It", this app features a database of over 200 different workouts each designed to target a specific part of the body. Customize your workout by choosing the duration and what muscles you want to focus on. The best part? It randomizes your workout each time, creating muscle confusion so that your body does not get used to your workout and you can achieve the maximum benefits!

Pocket Yoga

Whether you are new to the art of yoga, or a well-seasoned yogi, we think you'll love this app! PocketYoga is quite literally a yoga instructor in your pocket, as it contains descriptions for over 200 different yoga poses, along with the various benefits of each pose, and images to reference and ensure your form is correct. A soothing voice and background music guide you through your routine, and you can choose the duration and difficulty level of your yoga sessions.



Everyone talks about how "good" the painful burn feels when they workout...but do you want to get moving and truly feel good? Get the best of both worlds with CharityMiles! The more miles you walk, jog, run, or sprint with CharityMiles, the more money that a corporate sponsorship will make to charities like the Wounded Warrior Project and Habitat For Humanity! The current rate is 25 cents per mile for walkers and runners, and now that the app offers the option to cycle, you can raise 10 cents per mile for bike riding. Talking yourself into taking on that extra mile just became a bit easier, didn't it?

Gym Genius

This app is especially helpful for anyone just starting out in the world of weightlifting. Sometimes it's hard to remember how much weight you usually set a certain weight machine on, or how many reps and sets you should be doing with a certain dumbbell. Gym Genius is a platform where you can keep track of all of this! It allows you to log exactly what weight you're lifting, and how many sets and reps you do, so that next time is a breeze! This also makes it a lot easier for you to track your progress, as the weights that were once challenging seem to become a piece of cake over time.


BurnThis is a social networking app similar to both Instagram and Pinterest, but focused on motivating you to workout and eat right through a sense of community. It connects you with other people who are struggling to reach their fitness goals by allowing you to share photos and stories, browse recipes, workout plans, and inspiring quotes, and participate in weight challenges that you can feel good about.

MyPlate Calorie Tracker

Track your macros, water intake, calories, and daily exercise with MyPlate! By entering all of the food you eat, the water you drink, and the exercise you do, it tracks your calories and lets you know when you are close to reaching your limit for the day. It features a large food database, and allows you to upload your own recipes as well. The cool thing about MyPlate is that is also contains a bunch of workouts for inspiration, and it has a social media aspect which connects you to others who are also actively tracking their health each day.


If you find that choosing healthy options at the grocery store is a bit difficult, ShopWell can help! First, it has you enter your health goal and any dietary restrictions you may have. While you are shopping for food, you can then use the app to scan the barcode of various products. The app keeps your health goal in mind as it reads the ingredients and nutritional information of each food, and then lets you know if it's a good idea to buy the product or not. How much easier can healthy shopping get?


Drinking water may seem like a simple, easy task - but think again. Sure, you drink water every single day, but have you been drinking enough? The recommended amount of water that you should be drinking daily is 1.9 liters - this is essential for a healthy body. Waterlogged can help make sure that you're drinking enough water so that you avoid problems like dehydration, which leads to decreased energy, headaches, and bad skin. You simply enter a rough estimate of the amount of water you drink, or you can enter the container you are drinking out of so that the app knows exactly how much you're drinking. It even tracks coffee, tea, juice, and energy drinks!

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