The 8 Foods That Will Help You Stay Hydrated This Summer

As we venture outside to soak up some vitamin D in the hot summer weather, it's important to stay hydrated. Water accounts for over half of our body and is vital to most of our bodily functions, so as we sweat from the heat we should be replacing the fluids that are released. However, we don't always remember to pack a water bottle along to the beach or on our hike, so it is very easy to become dehydrated over the course of a summer day. This leads to headaches, dizziness, and a shift in mood. In order to help keep you hydrated this summer, we've put together a list of the most hydrating foods! Indulge in these juicy and refreshing foods that'll give your body the hydration it needs.



Cucumbers are first on our list for one simple fact: They are 96% water. This makes them the most water-dense food among all other fruits or vegetables. Cucumbers are also cholesterol-free, and saturated fat-free. Because of their dark green skin, they have high iron levels, as well as vitamins B6 and K. Chop them up and add them to chilled plain yogurt along with some olive oil and dill, and you've got yourself a cool cucumber salad.



Celery stalks are composed of 95% water. They are also high in fiber, potassium, and vitamins B6 and K. Even better? - They contain almost zero calories. The next day you spend hiking, bring some along as a snack. Spread some peanut butter on them, and you've got a hydrating and healthy treat with a kick of protein!



This juicy fruit is an obvious one. Besides having the most fitting name, watermelon is made up of 92% water! It is full of calcium, salt, and magnesium - all of which aid in body re-hydration, and it contains vitamins A, B6, and C. Watermelons are very high in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant with strong anti-cancerous qualities. Because lycopene does not naturally occur in our bodies, it is important that we incorporate it into our diet by eating foods like watermelon. Slice your melon up, sprinkle some fresh mint leaves over it, and enjoy this succulent fruit while it's still in season.



Also being made up of 92% water, strawberries are the most water-dense among all other berries. Packed with fiber, manganese, iodine, folate, and vitamins C and B6, they are sweet and healthy! Strawberries are known to be a rich source of copper, potassium, biotin, and omega-3 fatty acids. Slice your strawberries up, mix them with some sliced banana, and you've got yourself a yummy treat that'll keep you full and refreshed.


Iceberg Lettuce

Being 96% water may be one of the only things iceberg lettuce is good for, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't bother including it! Bulk up your romaine, kale, or spinach salad with some chopped iceberg to ensure you're getting the water you need. You can even use it in place of bread for a burger or sandwich to avoid extra carbs. Check out this example:



Skim Milk

Yep, that's right - Skim milk. Surprisingly, studies have found that milk is actually more effective than water in recovering your body from dehydration and re-hydrating it. Milk has a high sodium content that helps your body to retain water better. Opt for skim or fat-free for a healthier option. Start your morning with a skim milk, fruit, and yogurt smoothie to ensure you stay energized and hydrated through the day.



Radishes are 95% water, and harvest an abundance of benefits. They're fiber-full, and offer potassium, antioxidants, phytochemicals, riboflavin, and folate. They work to help purify blood and detoxify our bodies. Radishes also can lower body temperature and reduce inflammation caused by a fever. Use them as a hearty, crisp salad topper to add an extra crunch to your meal. The best part? - One radish contains only roughly 1 calorie.



Tomatoes consist of 95% water. They are packed with vitamins A, C, B6, and K, as well as potassium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, and copper. They are a strong antioxidant and contain lycopene, making them a well-known cancer-fighting food. Slice some tomatoes and cucumbers up, and sprinkle feta cheese over them for a fresh, juicy salad with a salty twist.

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