The Many Benefits Of Salt Baths

There's no better way to relax than a long, hot soak in the tub. The warm water and rising steam help to relax our bodies and minds, and we usually feel rejuvenated once we're out. If you want to make your bath experience even better, you can add salt to your bath. Simply pour a cup of your favorite bath salt under the hot, running water before you get in. This is a very good way for your body to obtain any beneficial minerals within the salt, because they are easily absorbed by the skin through the warm water. Different salts offer different benefits, so in order to help you decide which one to use in your next bath, we've created this list:

Dead Sea Salt Bath

These salts are taken from the Dead Sea and known for their therapeutic effect on the body. They contain magnesium, calcium chloride, potassium, and bromides, all of which offer great benefits when the salt is used in the bath regularly:

  • Calcium can help to strengthen bones, harden the nails, and improve circulation.
  • Magnesium offers anti-aging effects, and can calm the nervous system and reduce fluid retention.
  • Potassium helps to keep the skin properly hydrated, and may also have an energizing effect on the body.
  • Sodium may help to balance lymphatic fluid and improve the immune system.
  • Bromides help to cleanse and detoxify the body, often resulting in reduced allergies.

Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom salts are not actually a salt at all, but rather the naturally-occurring chemical compound magnesium sulfate. When these salts are used in the water, a process called reverse osmosis occurs. Salt and dangerous toxins are drawn out of the body, and beneficial elements like magnesium, sulfates, and oxygen are absorbed by it. Epsom salts also:

  • Make a great exfoliate to remove dead skin cells so that new ones may grow.
  • Can help to relieve stress, headaches, and anxiety.
  • Can help to soothe aching muscles, joint pain, and cramps.

Himalayan Salt Bath

Himalayan salts are a pure crystal salt that is extracted by hand from ancient ocean beds beneath the Himalayan mountains. It contains the 84 natural elements and minerals found within the human body, and it is pink in color. Himalayan salt is most commonly used to rejuvenate and relax the body, cleanse the skin, and draw toxins out of the body. It may also help to:

  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Heal damaged muscles and tissues.
  • Balance the body's pH.
  • Promote respiratory and cardiovascular health by improving circulation.
  • Support healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Provide anti-aging effects.

Are You Ready For A Salt Bath?

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