Tips For a Healthier Valentine's Day

With Valentine's day just about two weeks away, most of you are probably thinking about date ideas, where to make dinner reservations, and what gifts to purchase for your sweetheart. Boxed chocolates, savory dinners, and tickets to the cinema are some of the most common Valentine's day gifts, but have you ever considered switching things up and making your holiday a bit healthier for the two of you? Here's how!

Pick a Healthy Place To Eat

When considering where to go for dinner, keep your health in mind! On a holiday like Valentine's day, most restaurants offer a special, "featured" menu. Meal portions usually end up being more than we bargain for, and they often include appetizers and desserts, too (especially at fancier establishments!).

Do a bit of research and find a restaurant in your area that specializes in healthier cuisine, or one that offers some yummy, but nutritious options for the evening. If you really want to watch what you're eating, skip out on an appetizer or a dessert to save yourself the excess fat and calories!

Cooking Together Is Just As Fun As Going Out

If you can't seem to find a healthy place to take your date, make your own health-conscious meal instead! The best way to ensure that you're eating a nutritious meal is to prepare it at home yourself.

Pick a healthy dish that you and your partner both enjoy, or maybe one that neither of you have ever had before. Preparing a meal together not only encourages teamwork in your relationship, but doubles as a fun experience. If you'll be cooking solo, that's fine too! Nothing says "I love you" like cooking dinner from scratch for the two of you.

Add Some Activity To Your Date!

Catching the latest tear-jerking, chick-flick, romantic film may be a go-to for many couples on Valentine's day, but let's be real: You can go see a movie any day of the year! Instead of going to the cinema where you'll be sitting still for about 2 hours, plan a fun activity for the night! Here are just a few cute date ideas that will get you and your valentine moving:

  • Bowling
  • Mini Golfing
  • Hiking to a viewpoint to watch the sunset
  • Taking a walk in the park and having a picnic
  • Dancing at a jazz bar
  • Strolling through an art gallery, aquarium, or museum
  • Indoor or outdoor ice skating
  • A boardwalk bike ride

Swap Out Sweets For This Superfood

No matter how the two of you decide to spend your Valentine's day together, one thing is certain to make an appearance: Sweet treats! The most common treat to gift your significant other with on the 14th is chocolate, but what if I told you there was a healthier alternative to the store-bought, sugar-packed squares you usually buy? Well, there is!

Consider satisfying your lover's sweet tooth by making them something from scratch with raw cacao! Though it's malty and sweet like regular cocoa, cacao is a superfood with the added benefit of powerful antioxidants. Here are some yummy recipes for cacao treats that any chocolate lover would appreciate this Valentine's day:

So, What Are YOU Going To Do To Make Your Valentine's Day Healthier?

Share your thoughts in the comments below, along with any yummy recipes or active date ideas! We love hearing your feedback.

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