Meet Our New Superfoods: Turmeric and Ashwagandha!

Moringa Source is excited to announce our new product launch!

We are introducing Turmeric and Ashwagandha powder, capsules, extract, and tea to our product line! When paired with our energizing Moringa, consider these three the ultimate power pack of superfoods.

Turmeric, a potent root famous for its anti-inflammatory properties, and Ashwagandha, an immune-boosting and stress-reducing herb, are both loaded with an abundance of amazing benefits that we are eager to share with you!



Turmeric, most commonly known for its bright yellow color, is a plant that has been used in Chinese and Indian culture for centuries in both medicinal and culinary practices. It is a strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antiseptic, due to its high curcumin content. 

Curcumin is a component which works to fight inflammation and protect cells by inhibiting oxidation. To break it down into simpler terms, curcumin stops harmful chemical reactions from taking place, preventing cell damage. Scientific research has found that turmeric may work to assist in preventing cancer.

The anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin are what make turmeric a powerful aid to problems such as arthritis, heartburn, hemorrhage, diarrhea, intestinal gas, joint pain, stomach pain, Crohn's disease, high cholesterol, fatigue, stomach ulcers, jaundice, gall bladder disorders, appetite loss, bypass surgery, and irritable bowel syndrome. The curcumin in turmeric also works to regulate blood sugar and insulin levels by improving the function of insulin-producing cells, helping those who suffer from diabetes. The herb's all around effectiveness makes Turmeric Capsules a fantastic supplement for any healthy living fanatic. 

Curcumin is believed to boost cognitive function because it binds to abnormal proteins and dissolves them, making turmeric a powerful aid in protecting brain cells. It also optimizes liver function, resulting in detoxification of the body and clear skin. Our Turmeric Extract has no additives or fillers and absorbs easily, so that your body doesn't have to work any harder while you detox.

It has been found that turmeric possesses the ability to lower blood cholesterol and promote weight loss. Due to the thermogenic effect it has on the body, turmeric may increase metabolism, leading to gradual weight loss. Turmeric Tea makes a great companion to any diet. Additionally, it helps to neutralize "free radicals" - harmful chemicals known to cause inflammation and joint damage - and provide relief to those suffering from arthritis.

Because it is a powerful antiseptic, Turmeric Powder can be applied directly to the skin in an effort to combat acne. When mixed with honey and cinnamon, it makes a great face mask which reduces the redness and swelling that accompany breakouts.



Ashwagandha is an herb that produces bright red berries and is most well-known for the restorative benefits it provides. It works to protect the immune system, combat stress, improve learning memory and reaction time, reduce brain-cell degeneration, stabilize blood sugar, lower cholesterol, enhance sexual function and increase libido, and it also acts as an anti-inflammatory.  

Because it contains substances known as adaptogens - which control your response to both external and internal stressors - Ashwagandha can help the body cope with changing environmental factors and toxins, as well as internal problems like anxiety and insomnia. Adaptogens are what give Ashwagandha the ability to reduce stress, fatigue, lack of energy, and difficulty concentrating. For easy access to the relaxing properties of Ashwaganda, keep a bottle of Ashwagandha Extract in your day bag.

Withanolides - which work to suppress cancer cells and act as antioxidants - alkaloids, choline, fatty acids, amino acids, and a variety of natural sugars are just some of the other medicinal chemicals that Ashwagandha contains.

Ashwagandha is most commonly used by people suffering from arthritis, anxiety, insomnia, tumors, tuberculosis, asthma, bronchitis, back aches, fibromyalgia, menstrual problems, and chronic liver disease. It is also taken by people with both over or under-active thyroids because it helps in the balancing of essential hormones. For regular, daily use, we suggest Ashwagandha Capsules. Additionally, it is used commonly by cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy as a way to ease pain and fatigue. Adding a spoonful of Ashwagandha Powder to a cup of milk or hot water before bed can even help bring about more restful sleep. For difficult periods of stress and tiredness, we also offer a pure Ashwagandha Tea



Mary Sheppard

Can i take both at the same time?

Mary Sheppard

The given information about Turmeric,Ashwagandha is right & eventual. I can assure anyone.

Mary Sheppard

Carol, It’s possible. As always, consult with your doctor before you take any supplements!

Mary Sheppard

Will this interfere with coumadin?

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