Uses & Benefits Of Our Different Moringa Oils!

Oil derived from the Moringa plant offers a multitude of benefits to our hair and skin. With its high zeatin content - a naturally powerful anti-aging plant hormone - Moringa oil helps to promote more youthful, glowing skin that is free of wrinkles and fine lines. The zeatin in Moringa oil also helps to stimulate the growth of new skin and hair cells, while its abundance of vitamins and minerals contribute to beautiful, stronger hair.
It should be no surprise as to why we use Moringa oil in our personal care oil products, as it can do nothing but improve the quality of hair and skin. To help you get to know our Moringa oil products even further, and the proper ways to use them, we've decided to break them down for you!

Moringa Hair Oil

Our hair is made up of proteins that require moisture in order to function properly, so proper hydration is imperative for healthy hair. If our hair lacks sufficient moisture, vitamins, and minerals, problems begin to set in.

For example, Vitamin A deficiency can lead to dandruff and brittleness, because it is the vitamin responsible for the production of healthy cells and preventing hair loss. Zinc is responsible for shiny hair, so a zinc deficiency can lead to dull and lifeless locks. Additionally, Vitamin E invigorates the scalp and improves blood circulation, so a Vitamin E deficiency may hinder proper hair growth and nutrient distribution.

The pure Moringa oil used in our Hair Oil contains all of the vitamins and minerals that attribute to healthy hair, as well as all 8 amino acids, iron, sulphur, and protein. The benefits don't stop there, however! Our Hair Oil also includes grape seed, castor, avocado, and sunflower oils.

These qualities are what make our Moringa Hair Oil most famous for its moisturizing and strengthening effect on hair. It works from the inside-out, delivering necessary nutrients to your hair follicles when used as a massage oil for the scalp, or as an overnight hair mask. We currently offer it in one scent: Jasmine.


Moringa Body Oil

As we mentioned above, Moringa contains a natural plant hormone called zeatin that houses potent anti-aging properties. The zeatin within Moringa oil can help you achieve a more youthful appearance because it slows down the aging process within the body and improves cells' ability to respond to oxidative stress.

Moringa is also hearty in sulphur - the main ingredient in both collagen and keratin. Collagen and keratin are well-known for contributing to soft, smooth skin and strong skin elasticity.

Because Moringa Oil is easily absorbed into the skin, its powerful nutrients and antioxidants take direct action in helping your skin cells. It also has powerful detoxifying properties which help to balance natural skin color and tone, remove impurities, and rejuvenate the skin overall.

Our Moringa Body Oil combines the benefits of pure Moringa Oil with other skin-loving oils, such as avocado and sunflower. It currently comes in one natural scent: Mandarin. It's best to apply it daily, but even better to apply it after a shower or bath when the skin is softened and the pores are open.


Pure Moringa Oil

Our pure Moringa Oil is exactly what it sounds like - raw, all-natural oil extracted from the Moringa plant. It has no other oils added to it, making it much more concentrated than our hair or body oils.

Our pure Moringa Oil can be used on both the hair and the skin - so it's like a two-in-one! You can apply it as a hair mask, massage it into scalp, or massage it directly into the skin as a body oil. Its various vitamins and minerals rejuvenate the hair follicles, scalp tissues, and skin cells.

It's important to note that our Moringa Oil should only be used topically, as it is a common misconception among many that you can eat Moringa Oil. While many oils can be consumed, our Moringa oil should never be ingested.


A Quick Wrap-Up

The Benefits Of The Moringa Oil Used In Our Products:
  •           Builds collagen fibers, which improves skin and hair quality
  •           Minimizes the appearance of fine wrinkle lines.
  •           Improves moisturizing, softness and smoothness
  •           Delays the aging process
  •           Is a natural healing emollient
  •           Helps with dry, rough skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis
  •           Protects your skin from environmental damage
  •           Helps improve scalp circulation (which aids in preventing hair loss)
  •           Helps improve split ends and dandruff

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