What Can A Detox Do For You?

What Is A Detox Supposed To Do?

Detoxing removes toxins such as free radicals and heavy metals from the body - both of which damage cells and contribute to premature aging. Our bodies come into contact with these toxins on a daily basis - we ingest them, inhale them, and our skin is exposed to them.

Undergoing a detox can help your body to increase nutrient absorption, specifically of antioxidants and essential vitamins necessary for a healthy, balanced body. Additionally, a detox may help decrease depression, improve your memory, strengthen hair and nails, and reduce acne. This is because the certain foods you eat while detoxing all strive to help your body to remove the toxins that contribute to these specific problems.

The Importance Of Keeping Your Body Alkaline:

The acidity of our bodies can be measured by something called a pH level, or potential of hydrogen. This is a measurement of hydrogen ion concentration in the body. It goes by a 1-14 scale; 1 being the most acidic, and 14 being alkaline, or the least acidic. An ideal pH level for the human body is said to be around 7.4.

Consuming processed foods, certain skin products, and environmental chemicals are just some of the factors that can contribute to rising acidic levels in our body, making our system more acidic than we want it to be. Over-acidity can lead to problems such as diabetes, obesity, cataracts, migraines, arthritis, various cancers, gout, strokes, allergies, and osteoporosis. Many detoxes work specifically to make our system more alkaline in order to avoid these problems. A common practice for keeping your body alkaline is drinking a glass of water mixed with pure lemon juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Surprisingly, even though one may think that lemons would contribute to high acidity, they actually work to lower acidic levels in the body.

While there are many different detox plans out there, it's important to remember a few key points when choosing one that is right for you.

When detoxing, it is important to focus on maintaining a diet that specifically supports the liver - your body's natural detoxifier. Avoid processed and fried foods, refined sugar, gluten, and alcohol. You should only be consuming whole foods such as green, sulfur-full veggies and vibrant fruits which work to support enzymes in the liver that process and remove toxins. Sulfur-rich foods are important because sulfur aids in your liver's ability to carry out detoxification. Some sulfur-hearty foods include eggs, broccoli, cabbage, and garlic.

You should also make sure to intake sufficient amounts of healthy protein, which provides your body with amino acids. Amino acids are what the liver uses to generate energy. Some specific amino acids are arginine, which helps liver lipid metabolism, methionine, which increases production of lechithin in the liver and thus lowers cholesterol, and threonine, which prevents fat from building up inside of our liver.

When choosing protein, go for USDA certified organic, pasture-raised or wild caught, and grass-fed meats. This way, you are avoiding any artificial growth hormones, antibiotics, or other toxins that many non-organic animals are fed. Remember - you are what you eat

Make sure to drink plenty of filtered water, which alone can even help to cleanse the body tremendously. As we drink water, our body uses it to flush out toxins and metabolic waste through the bladder. If you do not consume enough water, your body holds onto these toxins and they do not get carried out as efficiently, thus causing them to build up and resulting in health problems. Additionally, our kidneys need water so that they may function properly and execute their job of removing toxins from both our blood and our urine.

Lastly, something as simple as skin exfoliation can even help to detox your body. As we "brush" off dead skin cells, toxins are removed, circulation is improved, and new, healthy skin growth is promoted.

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