Gaba Source - Natural Xanax

GabaSource is prescription strength natural stress relief still available without a prescription.

Both GabaSource and Xanax affect the brain neurotransmitter GABA (gamma amino butyric acid)

Both GabaSource and Xanax are available in convenient capsule form for oral ingestion.

Xanax has a long list of potential side effects, and also what is known as ‘paradoxical’ side effects. (see ). While GabaSource can have some side effects, these typically result from exceeding the recommended daily dosage.

Xanax has a strong potential for addiction and as such requires doctors supervision. Even then dependence can develop. GabaSource is safe and all natural and has a low potential for addiction.

Xanax is a drug and is not designed for supporting healthy brain function. GabaSource has all natural amino acids which help regulate brain chemistry safely.

Xanax has no anti-oxidants, while GabaSource does. Anti-oxidants help stop dangerous free radicals from damaging the body.

Xanax only works on GABA, while GabaSource works on GABA as well as Serotonin. This gives a more even feeling, while drastically reducing the potential for addiction and side-effects..

Xanax has a long list of withdrawal side effects ( see ). GabaSource can be safely discontinued with no risk.

GabaSource, called Natural Xanax by many, is less expensive than Xanax (based on current market prices)

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