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Moringa Powder

The most common Moringa product is dried Moringa leaf powder. The leaves are considered to be the most nutritious part of the tree. They are picked every few months, dried at low temperatures, and shredded into an easily digested powder. The powder is placed into capsules which are bottled and sold as nutritional supplements. The amazing nutrient density of Moringa oleifera leaves make these capsules an ideal source of vitamins, minerals, complete plant protein, and powerful antioxidants.

Leaf powder is also sold in bulk - usually in half-pound or one pound bags. As a powder, it can be used in a variety of ways. Many recipes from the East, including Indian, Philippine, and Malaysian recipes, use leaf powder to thicken sauces, add a nutty flavor, and provide nutrients to the meal. Because the leaves contain a full amino acid profile, the powder is also an excellent protein supplement for cattle that require additional protein in their feed mix.

Moringa Oil

The other widely sought after Moringa product is the rich and delicate oil extracted from Moringa seeds. Moringa oil is a high oleic acid oil, penetrating deep into the skin and carrying vitamins and powerful antioxidants to skin cells, nourishing and revitalizing them. Moringa oil can be found in a wide variety of health and beauty products, including soaps, face and body washes, shampoos and conditioners, wrinkle creams, makeup, and perfumes.

Moringa Tea

Another popular Moringa product is Moringa tea. The leaves of the Moringa tree are dried, shredded, and bagged for tea. Many people choose to use loose Moringa leaf powder to create tea or add the powder to their existing tea blends. The tea provides an energetic and healthy alternative to highly caffeinated coffees and teas, and provides powerful antioxidants to keep your body free of dangerous toxins.

As natural health alternatives continue to grow increasingly important to people concerned with their health and well-being, Moringa products gain more attention. The Moringa tree is remarkable because practically every part of it can be used in a beneficial way. It is no wonder there are so many products available for people to use and enjoy.

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