Moringa Tea

The nutritious leaves of the Moringa oleifera tree are an excellent ingredient for making teas filled with potent antioxidants. Moringa leaves can be steeped in hot water for several minutes in a traditional tea-making process. The leaves release an abundance of nutrients and antioxidants into the hot water, creating a refreshing and flavorful tea, full of beneficial compounds that promote energy and wellness.

Moringa tea is made by harvesting fresh leaves from the Moringa tree and drying them at low temperatures to preserve the vital nutrients that will be released into your tea water. Dried leaves are then shredded and either retained in their loose form or bagged into tea bags.

How Moringa Works

One of the most important benefits of drinking Moringa tea is the high level of antioxidants that it delivers. Antioxidants are compounds which prevent cellular damage; the common pathway for cancer, aging, and a variety of other disease. Free radicals are groups of atoms which are formed when oxygen interacts with molecules, and they can react with cellular components that can be harmful and lead to life-threatening illnesses. Antioxidants act as a defense system against free radicals.

Diets that are high in antioxidants are considered essential to keeping the body free of polluting and carcinogenic substances that can lead to illness and disease.

Moringa leaves are packed with antioxidants called "flavonoids", which are naturally occurring antioxidant compounds made in plants. These powerful flavonoids include quercetin and kaempferol. In fact, Moringa is equal to even the strongest green teas in its ability to deliver powerful antioxidants to the body.

Benefits to Drinking Moringa Tea

People who drink Moringa tea report a pleasant boost in energy and mental clarity after consuming a single cup. Women find that Moringa tea helps with cramps and bloating during their menstrual cycles, and men report increased levels of stamina during their working days. People in India and the Philippines drink Moringa tea regularly for nutrition, clarity, and general wellness.

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Preparing Moringa Tea

Making your own Moringa tea is an easy and enjoyable task. Simply use ½ to 1 teaspoon of dried Moringa leaf powder per serving of tea you wish to brew. Add the Moringa leaves to an empty tea bag and submerge in hot water for five to ten minutes. For best results, place a lid on top while the Moringa leaves steep. Remove the tea bag from the water, squeeze it out, and enjoy your fresh Moringa tea!

Did you know you can replace your coffee with Moringa tea? Simply use the same ratio of Moringa leaf powder that you use for coffee in your coffee maker. Add the Moringa powder to a coffee filter, fill the coffee maker with water, and brew yourself a healthy Moringa alternative to your usual cup of java!

Moringa Tea Recipes

Cold Moringa Tea

  • 1-2 tbsp Moringa leaf powder
  • Slice of fresh ginger root or freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Honey to taste (optional)

Add ingredients to a 16 oz. bottle of water. Shake thoroughly and allow to sit for an hour. Moringa steeps well in cold water, but it takes longer to brew than it would in hot water.

Hot Moringa Tea

Use the above recipe, and use ½ to 1 teaspoon of Moringa leaf powder in 8-12 oz. of hot water. Allow the tea to steep, preferably covered, for up to ten minutes. Enjoy!

Variations: Add any of the following common tea ingredients to create a more complex and tasty Moringa tea:

  • Green tea
  • Lemongrass
  • Lemon zest
  • Coconut milk

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